US-Mexican Development


“All my life, I’ve sought to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between people,” says Jeffrey B. Peters, co-founder with his wife Catherine Chase Peters of A New World Community of Love and Peace. 

“This interest began on the business side,” said Peters, “when I founded The US-Mexican Development Corporation (USMDC) [] in 1978.

A corporate member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (AMCHAM), Peters said:  “As American entrepreneurs, we were inspired by the idea that Americans and Mexicans have so much to give to each other in enriching their relationship in trade and business transactions such as start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling companies, tourism, and residential retirement communities and vacation realty.

“Americans can benefit economically through profitable investment and commercial transactions with Mexicans, and vice-versa, but there is more…much more,” he said.  “As Founder, CEO and President of USMDC, while the entrepreneurial spirit was a key motivator, it goes beyond that, because we fell in love with Mexico and the deeply spiritual Mexican people – a people of heart, compassion and deep culture – a people who have much to give to Americans in comeraderie and friendship.”

The US-Mexican Development Corporation

445 Park Avenue – Floor 9

New York, NY 10022 USA

Tel. 212-333-8715




Jeffrey Peters, AP 81, Tepoztlan, Morelos 62525 Mexico

By Courier:

Jeffrey Peters, Callejon del Gallo #1, Valle de Atongo, Tepoztlan, Morelos 62520 Mexico

Telephones from USA:   011-52-739-395-1986 or via Vonage:  301/560-1830

Telephone in Mexico:  01-739-395-1986


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