Once upon a time, in the summer of “71” ( ie. 1971), I came to Mexico and visited the land of eternal spring, the land of Tepoz in Tepoztlan, Morelos, near Cuernavaca. Tepoz is the spiritual energy capital of Mexico, somewhat like Sedona, Arizona in the US. Here in Tepoz I found Nature’s Beauty and Nature’s God, and I wrote in my diary that “one day I would return to live in Tepoz”.

And sure enough, as if part of God’s plan, I returned 30 years later and received “sign number 1” in 2001, April 17, 2001 to be precise. On that day, God delivered the Holy Spirit of God’s Love to me on the wings of 2 mourning doves who flew over my head, sat down in front of me and sang: “Love You, Me Too, Love You, Me Too”!

Eight years later, during the night of August 15, 2009 I received my second sign when God delivered God’s Dream to me in bright neon lights at the Wild Rose Inn in Nova Scotia – the Dream of a New World Community. I asked for God’s guidance on the meaning of the Dream, and God advised me to Co-Create with God The New World Community of Love First and then Peace. Miraculously, the President of Kazakhstan sent me a first class ticket on Luftansa, to come and speak at the World Forum of Spiritual Culture on October 18, 2010. I told this story of my relationship with God, whistled a tune and sang a song of joy, and to my surprise and delight, I received a standing ovation from over 700 people from 70 countries, representing 1/3 of the world’s population. As you can imagine, that was a “peak experience” for me, and I interpreted this as God creating a miracle to show me the ecstasy of Co-Creating with God the New World Community of Love First, unconditional love that is, leading eventually to forgiveness, and mutual respect, and finally one day, Perfect Peace meaning World Peace.

The 4th sign from God took place during the week of July 20, 2017. I spoke with 50 young people at the King’s Academy in Jordan on the subject of “Unconditional Love”, a possible solution for the problem of young suicide bombers. Four of the young people, 3 from Saudi Arabia, 1 from Iran had friends who were leaning towards becoming suicide bombers. The next day, in a coincidence arranged by God, I met in Jericho with a new love leader by example, Tass Sada, who previously had been present at the first suicide bombing in the Middle East in 1968, where a Palestinian suicide bomber blew up an Israeli tank seeking to kill or capture Yasar Arafat . When I asked him if unconditional love were the answer to prevent young from being manipulated by violent terrorists, he paused for some time and then said: “Jeffrey, do not open up a new can of worms. Do not open up dark doors that cannot be shut. Instead, plant seeds of hope first before young potential suicide bombers make contact with the violent terrorist.” It turns out that this previous assassin for Yasar Arafat, had killed many Israeli Jews and later experienced a revelation that converted him into a non-violent love leader by example, leading with love bringing together young Palestinian Muslims, Israeli Jews, and Christians in K – 12 primary and secondary schools in Jericho and Jerusalem under the banner of Seeds of Now he and I are working in partnership to plant seeds of hope with love first, for young people in Jericho and Jerusalem.

So, there you have it – the story of my relationship with God. So far there have been 4 signs on my journey with God. With patience, I eagerly await the fifth!!

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