News Release from The New World Community of Love & Peace (10-2-12)

On Sunday, September 2, 2012 Jeffrey Peters (Co-Founder of the New World Community of Love & Peace) and Roberto Godoy (Owner of Jardin del Sol – The Garden of Sun) and Maria Guadalupe Mena, a strong supporter of both, announced the first physical location of The New World Community of Love & Peace at the Jardin del Sol in the spiritual capital of Mexico, the municipality of Tepoztlan, Morelos.

Now you can rent a room from days at a time, or an apartment for months at a time at Jardin del Sol, where New World Community supporters Roberto Godoy and Maria Mena live full time.

You can also hold a retreat or educational seminar/conference at Jardin del Sol.

Jardin del Sol, is a very large, beautiful facility of 50+ acres with expansive views of the mountains of Tepoztlan. Huge pools surrounded by flowers and greenery are central to the property. There are more than 30 rooms available for rent, as well as several apartments, as well as room for expansion and new units.

The Institute of Global Harmony, affiliated with IASE University in the Rajistan State of India, will hold a week long retreat entitled “The Source of Health and Rejuvenation” in 2013.

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